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Create a Python virtual environment with the following packages: Flask==0.9 Flask-SQLAlchemy==0.16 Jinja2==2.6 SQLAlchemy==0.8.0b2 Werkzeug==0.8.3 psycopg2==2.4.6 python-dateutil==2.1 six==1.2.0 wsgiref==0.1.2


Requires a postgresql server, version 9.1 minimum.

Create a new user: CREATE ROLE accountant WITH PASSWORD 'changeme' LOGIN;

Create a new database: CREATA DATABASE accountant OWNER acountant ENCODING 'UTF-8';

Go into src/sql/install ddirectory. Run the script with the user postgres: psql -U postgres accountant -f 001_init.sql



You can now connect on port 5000 with your prefered web browser.


Install and configure GUnicorn.